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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They Met

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They Met


"Atlin Merrick foxtrots with language and the results are witty and stylish nuggets of joy. The stories are in turns, wonderfully cheeky ... poignantly sweet ... and damn funny." — Melbourne Review of Books

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Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They Met

Some things belong together, the one with the other, natural pairs.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson. Holmes and Watson. Sherlock and John.

Whether it's in an empty house during the Blitz, a West London strip club in the 70s, or deep in the heart of a Hong Kong computer lab, the meeting of these two legendary men is inevitable. Spanning one hundred and twenty-eight years, here are the stories of that destiny. Of how a detective meets a doctor, of how they change each other in heart and mind.

Of how they fall in love.

About the Author

Atlin Merrick is passionate about John Watson and Sherlock Holmes, their legendary friendship, their enigmatic adventures and, of course, their love. Atlin is also the author of Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Day They Metwriting as Wendy C. Fries. Wendy's written hundreds of features on high tech and personal finance and is fascinated with theatre, London, and lattes. She's on Tumblr and Twitter, too.

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