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Ghost Story

Ghost Story


John Watson loves his husband, but he'd like Sherlock Holmes to leave this case alone. 

They're supposed to be taking a break from London. From work. But then again, when has Sherlock’s brain ever taken a holiday? And honestly, the strange disappearance of Gloria Evans bothers them both—though for very different reasons.

Not every one of Sherlock's cases is high stakes.

Not every case is a matter of life or death.

But sometimes it is.

Do Sherlock Holmes and John Watson have a ghost of a chance in solving what happened to Gloria Evans? Find out in Ghost Story, by G.V. Pearce.

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5-star Praise for Ghost Story:

"A ghost story, beautifully told..."
Ali Coyle

"GV Pearce has written us a wonderfully atmospheric,
beautifully paced book…it’s deftly wound together
in a conclusion that satisfies…"
Narrelle M Harris

"Beautifully constructed… This book is a story about
acceptance…of bad things, sad and painful
things, but also about acceptance of
gifts, and impossible luck.

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