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A Study in Velvet and Leather — Available Now!

A Study in Velvet and Leather — Available Now!


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A Study in Velvet and Leather

By K. Caine, Illustrated by Avid Branks

Sharing a flat with Sherlock Holmes should not have posed a problem for John Watson—after all, Watson is gay, Holmes is a woman, and the arrangement is financially convenient. But when Holmes takes a complex case involving Irene Adler and a scandalous photograph, she turns to Watson for assistance.

The case leads them everywhere from the opera to a secret Victorian BDSM club, and Watson soon finds himself questioning his partnership with Holmes, his sexuality, and his understanding of himself.

Excerpt from A Study in Velvet and Leather, 135 pages; 6 illustrations:

             “A decent enough fellow, though eccentric and cold-blooded,” is how Sherlock Holmes was described to me, and so, armed with that knowledge, I allowed Stamford to introduce us in hopes of finding a flatmate.
             I had hoped for someone quiet and calm, someone unobtrusive. I had allowed my hopes to rise—and then stood in shock as they were dashed to the ground.
             Sherlock Holmes was not cold-blooded at all—in fact, quite the opposite, and I am ashamed to say I took a step back as Holmes approached—
             “Ah,” Holmes said, stopping immediately. “I take it you weren’t informed?”
             I hesitated, momentarily tongue-tied. The figure in front of me was taller than I, dressed in a sharp suit and cap, with a narrow face, sharp cheekbones…and feminine.
             “I fear,” Holmes said to Stamford, “my reputation as a man precedes me. I bid you both adieu, and I’ll return to my studies, never mind about the rooms.”
             When she turned away, I felt an acute pang of regret—and though I was not prone to impulsive decisions, I made one then.
             “I don’t mind,” I said. “I am still looking for rooms, if you don’t object.”
             Holmes turned. “Oh?”
             “I shan’t mind splitting a flat, if you like.”
             Holmes’ face brightened, a tight grin surfacing and then disappearing almost immediately. “Brilliant.”

About the Author

K. Caine is a queer writer, living and writing in the Canadian prairies. She is almost always at her computer writing, researching, or skulking about on the internet, but occasionally can be found outdoors.Find her online at

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