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Let's Make a Book

Have a Sherlock Holmes story of love, sex, mystery, adventure? Tell us.

Pitch us your idea. Send us your best work. Make us want to publish your book. You can do that in three ways.

* Tell us your idea.

Make it about 300-400 words, tell us the mystery, tell us the time period, tell us about the romance and the sex — because that's important, that's huge. Improbable Press is a Sherlock Holmes romance and erotica publisher. If we can easily pluck the romance out of your story and have the story hold, it isn't a romance.

We'll say that again: The story must have words and deeds romantic. These books are not for the old guard; they won't be reading a word you write and so, from first chapter to last, there's got to be longing or loving, there has to be acknowledgement of want, desire, and ultimately desire fulfilled.

Sex too, if that's your forte. As explicit as you like. Let's be straight-forward about this because subtly in the past has somehow been misread: cock-in-arse is not too far. Happy sex of all kinds is what we want if happy sex you can write. Go for it, let them sweat and keen and come. This is a romance and erotica publisher.

* Now write a bit more.

We've seen great story ideas and then seen the story that followed. Sometimes they're nothing like each other. So write us 2,000-3,000 words.

* Don't wait for us to say yes.

Keep writing. The busier you are writing the book you pitched, or another book, or a short story, the better. If you keep going, one story stops mattering so much and you get better quicker. Or you sell more. Or both. So, though we'll reply as soon as we can, keep going. Do. And you'll keep doing.

(Things to avoid: No alternate universe, no sci-fi, nothing where they live in the U.S., etc. And no BBC Sherlock characters or tropes please, so no Belstaffs and blue scarves. Stick to your version of the canon boys, set any time in the last 130 years, where John's a doctor and Sherlock's a detective and they Fight! Crime! in London. And fall in love.)