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Submission Guidelines: Improbable Press

Tell Us Your Story

Have a short story, novel, or graphic novel of adventure, mystery, sex, sci-fi, or fantasy, comprised of characters who have, for too long, been footnotes in another person's story? Tell us.

Pitch us your idea about protagonists who are minority or female-identifying, disabled, LGBTQIA, neurodivergent, BAME — in short, people who as much as anyone can and do have adventures, romance, joy, and sorrow. Maybe your protagonists are two robots and a human, a black disabled person and a pansexual ghost, a trans white woman and a straight Indigenous man. Whomever they are we want to know their story but know this—it must be one about hope.

Send us your best ideas. Make us want to publish your art, short story, or book. You can do that three ways.

* Bring us your voice

Bring us your crazy-unique-wonderful way of telling a story. IP's books are inclusive stories vibrant and unique with your wit and talent. Don't write stuffy, write fantastic.

We can't say it enough: Write like you. Like you write right now. Don't write Serious Fiction.™ Write with joy and verve and then, well…

* Tell us your story idea

In about 200-300 words tell us the genre, the adventure, the time and location, tell us about the romance—because that's important, that's huge. Improbable Press is a romance and erotica publisher. If we can easily pluck the romance from your story and have the story hold, it isn't a romance.

The story can have sex too, if that's your forte. As explicit as you like. Happy sex of all kinds is what we want if happy sex you write. Go for it, let them sweat and keen and come. This is a romance and erotica publisher.

We're eager to see characters of all kinds: trans, disabled, people of colour, own voices/native cultures, however you see your protagonists.

Think "no one would want to read me really, would they?" Read these words and think again please.

* Don't wait for us to say yes

Keep writing. The busier you are on the next book the better. If you keep going one tale stops mattering so desperately much and you get better quicker. Or sell more. Or both. So, though we'll reply as soon as we can, keep going. Do, and you'll keep doing.

Submissions to Atlin Merrick: