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K Caine

K Caine

K Caine's novella A Study in Velvet and Leather is her first book with Improbable Press and will soon be followed by Conductivity, a novel starring the same irrepressible Sherlock Holmes and loyal John Watson.

K. Caine is a queer writer, living and writing in the Canadian prairies and is almost always at her computer writing, researching, or skulking about on the internet, but occasionally can be found outdoors.

You can find K at

Praise for K. Caine:

"A Victorian Sheherazade caught me, and when
the story ended of course I wanted more"
— Stella Elisei

"I seriously think that ACD and his Watson would be
envious of the writing of this John Watson and Caine"
—  Brienne Tarth

"Caine pulls the reader into this world with ease"
—  Dee Smethers