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Five books for the price of three!

We're so happy to share our latest three books with you that we want to give you two ebooks for free if you buy 'em.

It's easy peasy to do: Order the paperbacks of The Case of the Misplaced Models, A Question of Time, and A Study in Velvet and Leather and then pick any two ebooks for free.

Ordering just two of our latest paperbacks? You'll get one free ebook!

You're not limited to Improbable Press ebooks, either. Have a look at the suite of goodies offered by our publisher Clan Destine Press, and with a few exceptions, any of those crime fiction, true crime, and mystery books can be your free ebooks, too!

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Claiming your free ebooks is easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Add paperbacks to your cart and just below the image of your books you'll see: "add a note to your order." Right there tell us what ebook or ebooks you'd like for free and if you want them in ePub or Kindle/mobi format. We'll email them soon after.

Done deal.

Speaking of deal, this one applies only to our latest three paperback books, the nifty wonders you see above. Get caught up in the mystery of The Case of the Misplaced Models, relish the time travel and illustrations in A Question of Time, and sink into the sensual comforts and adventure of A Study in Velvet and Leather...then enjoy ebooks of any of our other two books free. So:

Buy THREE books, get TWO ebooks for free!

Buy TWO books, get ONE ebook for free!