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About us

Improbable Press

Born in London in 2015, Improbable Press tells tales where the heroes are women, people of colour, any part of LGBTQIA+.

Too long these and neurodivergent or differently-abled people have been suffering footnotes in a world of heteronormative, male-driven narratives. We're about banishing that stereotype, one book at a time. 

Sure, in IP's books the characters deal with darkness and perhaps their happily ever after is as simple as moving hand-in-hand through a post-apocalyptic world—the key is that every book Improbable Press publishes ends with hope.

IP's Editor

A long-time editor and writer Atlin Merrick/Wendy C Fries is Improbable Press' acquisitions editor. Writer of books, short-stories, and essays, she is devoted to sharing a world of voices and the strength and joy to be found in good stories.

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