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Improbable Press

Born in London in 2015, Improbable Press tells fantastic genre stories by and about women, people of colour, LGBTQIA+, and more.

Whether the protagonists are two robots and a disabled human, a black ace person and a pansexual ghost, a trans white woman and a neurodivergent Asian man, Improbable Press is about banishing stereotypes, one book at a time. 

Sure, our characters deal with darkness and maybe their happily ever after is as simple as moving hand-in-hand through a post-apocalyptic world—the key is that every book Improbable Press publishes gives its characters adventure, romance, and ends with hope.

So write us a romance! Urban fantasy! Contemporary supernatural! We love mysteries, science fiction, we love it all so if go genre, we want to know about it. Who's we? Well…

Atlin Merrick — Acquisitions Editor

Atlin MerrickA long-time editor and writer Atlin Merrick (aka Wendy C Fries) is Improbable Press' acquisitions editor, director, and provider of fiery encouragement. She's interested in acquiring great mystery, romance, erotica, adventure books, both adult and YA, by and about LGBTQIA+ people, women, and all those who need a greater voice. Writer of books, short-stories, and essays, Atlin is devoted to sharing the strength and joy to be found in good stories. As stated, Atlin's kinda passionate and inclined to SHOUT encouragement at you, so maybe stand back a little. Got a great book idea, check out Improbable Press' submission guidelines and contact her.


Narrelle M Harris — Editor

Narrelle M HarrisNarrelle Harris writes fiction as Narrelle M Harris. Narrelle has also bee providing writing, proofreading, quality assurance editing, and editing services for almost 20 years, for clients ranging from business-to-business magazines and council websites to universities and government departments. Narrelle edits books for Clan Destine Press and lives in Australia.

Lindy Cameron — Publisher

Lindy CameronLindy Cameron founded Clan Destine Press in 2010, with the aim of publishing the best Aussie genre fiction she can find. A writer and editor herself, after acquiring Improbable Press in 2019 Lindy's expanded her remit to publish the best erotica, romance, and mystery/adventure/genre fiction through IP, too.

Sophie Cumberland — Audio/Podcasts

Sophie CumberlandSophie Cumberland is a British-born-bred-and-buttered resident of Queensland, Australia. She has been a recording artist for four years and has acted (acted up, her family would say) practically all her life, having developed her early skills through LAMDA and the Guildhall School of Music and Drama.

Jen Snyder — Copyeditor

Jen SnyderJen Snyder has enjoyed writing and telling stories since she was young. She’s been writing in academic and scientific fields for 30 years, and writing fiction for over ten. As an editor, she loves helping authors find the perfect words and polish their stories until they shine like diamonds.

Verena Höhn — Associate Editor

Verena HöhnVerena Höhn comes from Germany by way of Germany. She is a writer, a teacher, a reader, and the finest weeder-outter of concepts when even you don't know what you're trying to say. As associate editor she works with Improbable Press' editors to help make our books their tippy-top best.