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The Adventure of the Colonial Boy

The Adventure of the Colonial Boy


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The Adventure of the Colonial Boy


Dr Watson, still in mourning for the death of his great friend Sherlock Holmes, is now triply bereaved, with his wife Mary's death in childbirth.

Then a telegram from Melbourne, Australia intrudes into his grief. “Come at once if convenient." Both suspicious and desperate to believe that Holmes may not, after all, be dead, Watson goes as immediately as the sea voyage will allow.

Soon Holmes and Watson are together again, on an adventure through Bohemian Melbourne and rural Victoria, following a series of murders linked by a repulsive red leech and one of Moriarty’s lieutenants. But things are not as they were. Too many words lie unsaid between the Great Detective and his biographer. Too much that they feel is a secret.

Solve the crime, forgive a friend, rediscover trust and admit to love. Surely that is not beyond that legendary duo, Sherlock Holmes and Dr John Watson?

Excerpt: The Adventure of the Colonial Boy

The Adventure of the Colonial Boy: 234 pages

About the Author

Narrelle M Harris is a Melbourne-based writer of crime, horror, and romance/erotica. Her books include Witch Honour and Witch Faith (both short-listed for the George Turner Prize) and The Opposite of Life and its sequel Walking Shadows, shortlisted for the Davitt Awards for crime writing. Find out more about her work and other projects at or follow her personal blog at

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