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What Can We Do For You?

Atlin Merrick

When I started writing I had a billion 'stupid' questions.

The reason they were stupid is that I didn't ask most of them, so kept making mistakes (and still do).

What does this have to do with why we're writing regular blog entries here at Improbable Press? Easy peasy, we want you to buy our books.

And also…

…we want to help you create, if we can. How can we do that?

Got questions? Ask 'em.

Want pep talks? Stand back once I start because whoa and damn I'm peppy.

Like links and resources? We got those.

Photos of naked butt? That could be arranged.

Comment. Please. Tell us what you want to see here. If you don't, what you'll get from me is a lot of shouty encouragement. If I don't vent that stuff regularly my hair bursts into flame and that's problematic.

Comment. If you don't I'll probably also muse on why no one in this town wants to make me extra-hot lattes, and how come London is across an ocean from me right now.

Comment. Be part of this. Share things with others who comment, things you know to be useful or interesting or kind.

Comment. Tell us where you wrote a review of one of our books so that we can buss you about the head and shoulders, shouting glee.

If you want to read these blogs we want you to get something out of it. So please tell us what you want and we'll try to give that to you.

Otherwise I'mma shout motivationally. I may break out pom-poms.

P.S. Please review any of our books! AmazonUS and AmazonUK. One, two, three, four stars are very okay, anything's a help as we prepare to send press releases out about A Murmuring of Bees. Thank you!

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  • Ori on

    From time to time I’ll come across a tumblr post that has advice for writers. Usually it’ll say that you should read more and write everyday, both of which make sense to me. But sometimes it’ll say you should keep a journal, which always gives me pause. Shouldn’t I be using my valuable writing time on my stories? Do you keep a journal? Should I? Why or why not? Thanks!

  • herasmom on

    Pom poms, please!
    It will be so good for all of us!

  • Atlin Merrick on

    Thank you Katri, we’ll focus on resources when resources we have. I’m a huge, huge believer in podcasts because most of us have waiting time. I listen to lots of weird science stuff because of Sherlock and also my own interests. Here’s a link:

  • Katri on

    Naked butts are always welcome, as are men in women’s underwear and high heels and make-up and… Oops…

    OK, I’m no author or writer, just a keen reader. I’ve been pleased with the blog posts written here so far.

    Recs and lists are always welcome, and all sorts of resource pages. Where do you as authors draw your inspiration from and what kind of sources you use?

    Keep up the good work – you are lovely!

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