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Disability, Differently-Abled and the Weight of Words

Atlin Merrick Differently-albled Disability Disabled

Improbable Press' submission guidelines as for books, novellas about differently-abled, neurodivergent, and LGBTQIA+ characters. Those words are mine, Atlin Merrick's, and I have a question for you about the phrase differently-abled. My idea behind that term to broaden the scope of what writers might think of as disabled. By differently-abled I wanted to include my friend with almost-daily migraines, a person with chronic anxiety or depression, as well as a person with a wheelchair or born without a left hand. Disabled Fiction, Differently-Abled Fiction…Or? I did not ask disabled people for their thoughts on the phrasing, something recently pointed out...

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Writer, Recharge Thyself

Atlin Merrick Spark Newsletter

Along with writing for a living, in the last nine years I've written nearly a million words of fanfic and two books. I love writing, I love it, I love it with shouty fire. However. Sometimes I just want to drop-kick my laptop out the window, shouting obsenities after it. The feeling is not unfamiliar, so I know that when it comes, so shall it go. I've also learned what to do in the meantime. Turning Turtle: Recharging My Creativity * Saturday's Become Sacrosanct I turn turtle to recharge, booking nothing on Saturday that I can book some other day....

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Improbable Press acquires The Day They Met

We're thrilled to announce that Improbable Press recently acquired the rights to Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Day They Met from MX Publishing.This means that Atlin Merrick's complimentary books, each about how Holmes might have met his Watson, now have the same home!Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Day They Met offers 50 new ways the world's most legendary friendship might have begun, while Sherlock Holmes and John Watson: The Night They Met contains 19 romantic reimaginings of how these men might have met…and fallen in love. With fifty tales of BFFs and nineteen of romance, this pair of...

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Blaize a Trail

Book Reviews Verity Burns

By Verity Burns  There are hundreds of books on my bookshelves. And on the floor. In the bathroom. Piled up by my bed… It’s a collection built up over forty years and most have been read more than once – some many, many times. They are old friends. But if I had to pick one author… Just a single set of books to take with me on some mythical trip… That author would be Peter O’Donnell. Those tales would be of Modesty Blaise. It’s hard to say exactly why. The stories are action adventures. They’re exciting, often exotic, with colourful...

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Writing With the Black Dog

So many of us have experience depression, anxiety, and other issues that make writing hard. With help and with luck we persevere and for Improbable Press' fandom-writing newsletter Spark, we'd love to know how you keep writing or drawing when the black dog is beside you. Share either 25-120 words or 250-600 words by the deadline of 22 April 2019. You can share them below in a comment or email them to Atlin at: (And subscribe to the free the free Spark fandom-writing newsletter!)

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