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The Truth Is… (Picture Prompt)

Picture Prompts

The first in a series of picture prompts for your writing, shared weekly or bi-weekly, it'll be up to you.

Feel free to share whatever it inspires in the comments below (moderated to control the bots), or just run off into a meadow and together you and the pic can share your love in the sunshine.

Either. Or. Both? Both is good.

Shall we begin?

The Truth Is…Picture Prompt

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  • Atlin on

    ANARION WHAT THE FECK? Verity and I got goosebumps.

  • Anarion on

    (I’m having a darkish day, so have a darkish drabble)

    The truth is that for once I don’t want to be the one who is accommodating and generous, who tip-toes and who steps back for the sake of others.

    For once I want everything, the title and the crown, and I don’t want to wait, I won’t go slowly.

    Maybe for once I want to be the villain.

  • Atlin on

    throws glee confetti at Gemini Jones

  • Gemini Jones on

    “The truth is… I only booked one room.”
    “That whole thing about the hotel being fully booked and there was a conference in town, and there wasn’t any space… “
    “Um… No.”
    “Are you cross?”
    “Are you kidding? Come here.”
    “Um… I’m already pretty ‘here’.”
    “Yes. Yes, you are. And you’re not the villain of this piece, truth be told. That crown goes to the person who insisted on a double rather than a twin.”
    “Wait… You did that?”
    “While you were pretending to argue with the concierge, yes. I did that.”
    “But… really?”
    “Really. So… what do you say we do that again?”
    “I’d say… let’s do it slowly this time.”
    “Slow works for me.”

  • Atlin on

    HONEYED MOON THAT IS MAGIC. I love it. Love it.

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