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After Your Book Is Rejected—3 Dos & 3 Even Better Don'ts

After rejection Atlin Merrick Help for Writers Reference

Do pitch again. Sometimes an editor or publisher rejects your story or book but says "we really like your style, but we're looking something with more B, less A." For the love of all that's holy they just gave you a leg up in getting your book further along the process, please take it. All right, sure, maybe you don't want to put a lot more B into your book and that's fine. In that case pitch them another book, this one more B-centric. Do follow the yellow brick road. As an editor, when I turn down a manuscript but...

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The Ultimate Guide to Getting Published

Atlin Merrick Reference The Ultimate Guide to Getting Published

Writing rules are bunk. If you only get the words on the page after standing on your head and yodeling, then that's your writing rule. In my experience as a working writer and editor though, there are three single-sentence rules that help get your lovely yodel-infused writing published. 3 Tiny Tips for Getting Published * Read and follow the publisher's submission guidelines If your preferred publisher's guidelines ask for Victorian vampire fiction and you send a contemporary vampire story, you've ignored their guidelines and you'll be rejected. Please, don't do that to yourself. They know what they want, so give...

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Radical Transparency: How We Edit Your Book

Atlin Merrick Book Editing Help for Writers Radical Transparency Reference

Like you I walk, I wait, and sometimes I want to learn cool stuff while I do that, which is why I love podcasts.99% Invisible is a brilliant podcast which recently discussed radical transparency.For example, if the city government takes a year to process building permits tell people. It's been proven that giving people a hook to hang their wait on, helps the wait pass more peacefully. Which leads me to this: How Long It Takes to Edit a Book (and What the Heck That Means) With radical transparency in mind, and inspired by a writer who recently asked me...

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Two Ways to Make Your First Writing Sale

Atlin Merrick Help for Writers Reference Tips for Selling Your Writing

You’ve written tens of thousands of words of short stories, fanfiction, character development, and you want to sell something damn it. Obviously you’re already a writer — you write, so that makes you a writer, that's the rules — but now you want to be a professional. A professional is paid to write. Even if she makes £1 she’s a pro. She was paid. So, how do you do it, how do you make that first sale? I know it seems hard (it did to me), because you get a lot of rejections or just silence (which is worse? Is...

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