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Self-identifying as a deity: The author of The Stag God, talks divine powers

J.O. Phael The Stag God

Self-identifying as a deity: The author of <em>The Stag God,</em> talks divine powers

ATLIN MERRICK: Do you believe in the stag god?J.O. PHAEL: Belief is a tough thing for me. I’m one of those people that very much wants to believe, but I find it difficult. I love pagan beliefs and world views, but have never been able to really connect in a meaningful way. I definitely believe that there’s something out there beyond what we know and understand, and I’d like to think Cernunnos is among that mysterious world we can’t quite see.ATLIN: Which goddesses and gods fascinate you most?J.O.: I’m a big fan of the entire Norse pantheon as well as...

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