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Anything Can Happen...


Anything can happen

Do you believe that?

Could you try?

Try to believe it by…trying?

Seriously, believe that anything can happen by trying…anything.

Trying changes you. It makes you braver, stronger, apt to try even more.

But more than that, trying sometimes warps the world around you, creating opportunities.

What I'm trying to say is that weird shit happens when you try to make things happen. Does it always? No. But does it ever when you do nothing? Absolutely no.

So there's nothing to lose by stepping forward just the tiniest bit and trying. Submit that story to that publisher. Take that art class. Talk to that woman, man.


Just try.

And sometimes amazing things happen and they happened not in spite of you but because of you. Even when things feel unconnected they usually aren't, because it's the very act of stepping forward, of believing in something that makes other things possible.

Anything can happen.

Like publishing your first book at the age of forty-nine because you wrote fan fiction for four straight years, wrote hundreds of thousands of words about characters you adore and ended up knowing your version of John Watson and Sherlock Holmes so well that a publisher believed other people might like that version, too.

Anything can happen, but you have to try.

So please try.

Believe in that small step. In changing everything by changing one thing. One little thing. And then another.

Small things lead to big things.

Don't stop. Keep going.



It is your super power.

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